Benefits of wearing yoga clothes

The following are the benefits that emerge after engaging in yoga. To be patient, yoga needs time to show results. Within a few weeks, you will feel calmer and more focused. A few months later, rejuvenation of organs and glands will begin to occur.

1. Increased vitality, the effects of yoga on the brain, and glands.

Second, the appearance and mood of youth: Yoga reduces facial wrinkles and produces a natural "lifting" effect. This is mainly due to the handstand. Our usual upright posture encourages gravity to pull the muscle down. Over time, facial muscles collapsed. Standing upside down for a few minutes every day, we were able to reverse the role of gravity, making it a rejuvenation booster, so that the facial muscles will not relax, it reduces wrinkles and naturally flattens the skin.

The inverted position of yoga can often restore gray hair to its original color and delay the gray image. This is because the inversion increases the amount of blood flowing into the hair follicle in the scalp. This posture increases the elasticity of the stiffness, removes the pressure on the blood vessels and nerves of the stiffness, and causes more blood to flow to the scalp muscles. In other words, the hair follicle gets more nutrition and produces richer healthy hair.

3. Live longer: Yoga affects all conditions of longevity: the brain, glands, spine, and internal organs.

4. Increase disease resistance: Yoga exercises a strong body, and immunity increases. This strengthened resistance can deal with all kinds of serious conditions from cold to cancer.

5. Improve eyesight and hearing: Normal eyesight and hearing depend on the eyes and ears to get good blood circulation and nerve transmission. The nerves and blood vessels supplying the eyes and ears must pass through the neck. As you grow older, the neck loses its elasticity just like the rest of the spine, and nerves and blood vessels may encounter stagnation and difficulty when passing through the neck. Such changes hinder the supply of nerves and blood to the eyes and ears, thus affecting their operation. Yoga posture and yoga neck exercise can improve the condition of the neck, thereby enhancing vision and hearing.

Sixth, mental and emotional improvement: As yoga makes the glandular nervous system, including the brain, produce a rejuvenating effect, mental and emotional will naturally show a positive state. It makes you more confident, more enthusiastic, and more optimistic. Everyday life will become more creative.

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