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When practicing yoga, loose, comfortable clothing allows the body to move freely, avoiding your body and breathing restrictions, allowing the body and mind to relax, feel good, and enter the yoga state more quickly. The soft and well-fitting professional yoga clothing follows the bending and undulations of the body movements, and the elasticity is moderate, which shows your elegant temperament. Clothing is a manifestation of culture and an expression of style. It allows the inner quality of yoga to be reflected between movement and stillness.

The clothes on the market suitable for choosing during sports are becoming more and more diverse. There are different textures, styles, styles, colors, and styles. Everyone can choose their favorite clothing according to their own preferences, but yoga is a gentle, stretched, focused on one fitness method, so in yoga clothes For selection, it is recommended to refer to the following points:


Bamboo fiber is a brand new natural fiber. It is a natural bamboo fiber made by a combination of physical and chemical methods. Natural bamboo fiber is essentially different from bamboo pulp fiber. Bamboo fiber is a natural fiber and bamboo pulp fiber is a chemical fiber . The successful development of bamboo fiber marked the birth of another natural fiber, which is in line with the national industrial development policy. Natural bamboo fiber has good performances such as moisture absorption, breathability, antibacterial and bacteriostatic, deodorizing, and ultraviolet protection.


Simple, elegant and neat. Don't have too many ornaments (especially metal), belts or knots on the clothes to prevent chrome from hitting your body and causing unnecessary injuries. Should be free to stretch the limbs, the entire body does not feel bound.


The cuffs of the jacket should not be tied tightly, and should be naturally open; the trousers should be elastic or tied, because there are some back-ups in yoga, the tight mouth can prevent the trousers from sliding down. Winter clothing is dominated by trousers and long clothes. In summer, trousers can be equipped with shorts.


Try to choose fresh and elegant colors, with solid colors as the best, which can relax your visual nerves and calm yourself down quickly. Do n’t let the colors jump too much and make your eyes dazzle. Try to avoid wearing colors when practicing yoga. The color is preferably white.


To highlight the personality, you can choose clothing with Indian ethnic style, loose and natural, there is a mysterious sense of elegant and free; there is a modern style of fitness clothes, good tightness and elasticity, you can also bring out a beautiful figure It is generally more appropriate to practice hot yoga. You can choose according to your preferences.

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